six sigma project 2

Coaching is at the heart of the DirectImprovement approach to building capacity for continuous improvement. Through the relationship that is built between our client organization staff and their coach, who offers expertise in the organizational applications of continuous improvement, a process is facilitated where the organization can move towards full implementation of a continuous improvement programme that translates into a dynamic, on-going activity involving the entire staff.

Our coaching method involves establishing a diagnosis from which evolves management plan that identifies areas of focus and education with the goal of self-management, which can lead to an independent programme. We provide skills necessary to help organizations implement their programmes, tailoring the approach with the goal of helping the programme reach its own potential for establishing and sustaining its continuous improvement programme.

Throughout the coaching process, we develop and nurture a relationship based on the open exchange of information, supporting an environment that facilitates innovation and ultimately leads to independence. Ideally, we move programmes from external guidance to internally driven and sustained continuous improvement.

If you need to assist your supervisor adapting approach to utilise bahaviour focus on collaboration, support and guidance rather than a punitive approach that may lead organisational teams to hide problems, you may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..