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Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is the process of tracking and describing all the experiences that customers have as they encounter a service or set of services, taking into account not only what happens to them, but also their responses to their experiences. Used well, it can reveal opportunities for improvement and innovation in that experience,acting as a strategic tool to ensure every interaction with the customer is as positive as it can be.

Across all areas of government there’s a growing emphasis on getting closer to customers, to understand what really drives behaviour and attitudes in order to design and deliver services that meet the needs of people and businesses rather than the needs of government. This is reflected in the need for departments, agencies and local government to show how they are improving customers’ experiences of their services.

Journey mapping, focusing as it does on tracking and describing customer experience, is one of the tools that can help do this. It sits alongside other approaches, such as mystery shoppers and focus groups, that can bring you close to the customers that you serve*.

In helping bring customers’ stories to life, journey mapping can challenge preconceptions and help change perceptions, acting as a call to action and contributing to culture change. The insights that it generates can help shape strategy and policy, to improve people’s experiences and lead to greater efficiency within government. At its best, journey mapping can be truly transformational.

“At its simplest, journey mapping helps you tell a customer’s story with passion and narrative, to drive insight and build engagement. Comparing the customer’s story with current systems and processes can help you identify priority actions and focus resources, and adding quantification to this tells you how many people are affected, and the costs involved.  As you build the layers of understanding you really come to maximise the benefit.”

Our online lessons provide the necessary knowledge you need to track and describe all the experiences that customers have as they encounter a service and reveal opportunities for improvement and innovation. Apply to attend our customer journey mapping lessons: