What is customer experience?

Customer experience encompasses every interaction customers have with your organization throughout the customer  lifecycle – whether in person at a branch, interacting with an agent, connecting on  the phone, or interfacing online

Customer experience centers on clear, compelling value propositions – products  and services that satisfy your customers’ needs and wants. Value propositions are usually associated with either short- or longterm goals.  

Positive customer experience generally has functional and emotional benefits based on whether expectations are met or exceeded as customers interact with your organization. Delivering positive customer experience requires coordination across functions, including marketing, product development, customer care, retail branches, and other touchpoints.

A focus on customer experience gives employees a sense of control and resourcefulness in their roles. It allows  them to more holistically address customer issues and realize how products and services fit into customers’ lives.

An organization that sees the value in customer-minded employees supports  their efforts to design and deliver customer centered services. These efforts can range widely, from advocating for customer research in a product development cycle to championing the launch of a Customer Experience Council at a local branch.

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