Why Go Customer-Centric?

Putting customers at the center produces loyal, active customers and moves your organization toward long-term competitive advantage.

A customer-centric approach provides:

  • Value for customers by responding to their wants and needs through tailored experiences and products. Product use empowers customers and gives them control over their financial lives.

  • Value for organizations through value propositions that are based on customer needs, cost to serve, and customer lifetime value. In an ecosystem of employees, suppliers, consumers, competitors, and community members, all stakeholders gain sustained value, not just shareholders.

Business Opportunity in Customer Centricity:

There is a strong link between customer satisfaction and business performance. Organizations that focus on customer solutions rather than products deliver higher shareholder returns. 

What is a customer-centric business model?

Customer centricity is a business model that operates in an ecosystem of  customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and the communities an  organization serves. In this ecosystem, customers are at the center of  corporate strategy, decision-making, organizational design, and operations

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